Reseller Web Hosting

What is the use of purchasing Reseller Web Hosting ?

Reseller web hosting allows you to start your own web hosting company. You can use reseller web hosting to sell hosting to your customers. If you are a webdeveloper than you can use it to provide hosting to your web design clients. Best thing is that your customers are never going to know that they are hosting their site with us as everything remains branded under your name.

What extra benefit Versatile Solutions provides with Reseller Web Hosting packages ?

With our Reseller web hosting packages you get Free Hosting Templates for your own website, Free Domain Name Reseller Account. These free addons provide you an effective solution to start your own hosting company.

How does the Reseller Hosting Works?

Its quite easy. Resellers get WHM (master reseller control panel) through which they can create and manage hosting accounts of their clients.

A Client of Web Hosting Reseller gets CPanel control panel to manage his hosting account activities like creating mail ids, databases, forwarders, subdomains, checking site stats etc.